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Developer Experience Engineer

Buffer is a platform of social media products made for modern, online brands. We’re building products they need for visual marketing, audience engagement, and analytics. We want to help these brands stand out online and to drive meaningful engagement and measurable results for their brand and their bottom line.

As a Developer Experience Engineer at Buffer, you’ll propose, build, integrate and maintain the tools our product engineers need to be successful. You’ll work closely with other members of the Infrastructure team and collaborate with product engineering teams to ensure that we are able to deliver a high quality, reliable service to our customers. You’ll do this by identifying ways we can improve incrementally as well as looking for opportunities to make step changes in productivity and reliability.

If that sounds interesting to you, we'd love to learn more about you!

Full-time · Remote

Buffer is an equal opportunity employer with teammates all around the world. Our team is made up of individuals who hail from startups to the theatre - we value diverse and non-traditional backgrounds, and encourage all those who are interested in joining the journey to apply.

We're aligned through Buffer's values, and we celebrate our unique differences. We value creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and are actively working on building a culture where under-indexed groups are truly welcomed and can flourish.

Our Culture and Values

Clear communication, transparency, open-mindedness, empathy and patience are just a few of Buffer's cultural values. We are looking for a person who understands this culture and will thrive within a team of people passionate about self-improvement, honesty and openness. Here's a guide on how we strive to communicate with customers.

Working at Buffer is collaborative effort built on the foundation of our core values. We try to be “No Ego Doers” who are aware of our assumptions, and joining us means you'll work together with the team in order to test and confirm our ideas. In our career framework, we choose to focus on the journey, the growth and evolution that is a career. 

We're cultivating a unique and robust culture, and building a different type of company that’s focused not only on the bottom line, but also the happiness and personal growth of our customers and team along the journey. 

Where You'll Work

Buffer is a fully distributed team, which means that we’re spread across the planet. We have Bufferoos in 15 countries, 11 timezones and 42 cities around the world to build a great culture and product. You'll work where you're happiest and most productive, in the place that helps you to become the person you wish to be.

More about how we work remotely →

More About the Developer Experience Engineer Role

The Infrastructure team at Buffer is a small team of 4 entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring our product engineering teams can deliver a high-quality, reliable and secure service to our customers. This starts from the lowest level of deploying and maintaining our Kubernetes cluster(s) to building custom tooling for other engineers to automate workflows of development and deployment.

At Buffer Engineering, we embrace self-service DevOps. This means, that the Infrastructure team is not an “Ops team,” but a team always aiming to provide the tooling, monitoring, safeguards and automation to let our product engineering teams deliver software quickly and confidently. This is an engineering team which empowers other engineering teams.

As a team, we care about maintenance and security. We help ensure that dependencies, database versions and language environments are upgraded at a healthy and sustainable cadence. We believe any great product should be build on a solid foundation.

Who You'll Work With

In this role you’ll report to Colin, the Engineering Manager of the Infrastructure team. Day to day you’ll work closely with and be supported by your colleagues covering areas such as Site Reliability, Security & Compliance as well as our Kubernetes platform. More widely, this role will involve considerable collaboration and consultation with product engineers and product engineering managers to identify opportunities and find pain points in our current workflows.

What You'll Do

The mission of the Infrastructure team is to enable product teams to be successful. Ultimately, you’ll make the lives of our product engineers easier. You’ll help us to deliver a high quality product into the hands of our valued customers multiple times a day by helping engineers automate the process of building and shipping code from local development environments to testing to continuous deployment pipelines.

On a given day you might spend some time working with a product engineer to help prepare a new micro-service for deployment to our cluster, working through our production readiness checklist and ensuring the service is ready, while noting any ambiguities or inconsistencies in the process. Later you might continue adding some additional capabilities to our deployment pipeline to support some new workflows specific to python applications. You might finish the day by putting some final touches to a new tool you’ve been creating to help engineers identify services which are approaching scaling limits so we can perform any necessary work before it’s too late.

We strive to have a healthy mix of smaller, reactive tasks mixed in with more proactive longer term projects. Communication and education are key aspects of this role, and you will likely spend time creating written documentation or recording screencasts about our tools as well as actively seeking feedback via interviews or surveys.

Our Current Tech Stack

Here are some of the tools we currently use, and that you’ll be expected to work with, debug, or otherwise support. We’re always open to using something new if it’s a better tool for the job!

  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Cloudflare
  • Pipelines: Helm, Github Actions, Jenkins, Travis CI
  • Scripting: Node.js, Python, Bash, Shell scripting, Infra-as-code (e.g. Terraform)

Helpful Skills and Experience

    More important than specific technical skills, we are looking for someone who is eager to solve problems and do the work to identify those problems and then work collaboratively and creatively to solve them. We have existing CI/CD pipelines and local developer environment tooling and are always looking for ways to remove pain points and be more efficient, allowing product engineers to craft software with the confidence that it will work when it is deployed to production. 

    That said, we expect that the successful candidate will satisfy most of the following:

  • A deep interest in delivering intuitive and reliable well-documented tools.
  • Track record supporting and enabling engineering teams with developer tools (cli tools, designing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, scripting and automation).
  • Proficiency in debugging/troubleshooting complex systems and a strong ‘growth mindset’ to learn and figure out unknowns.
  • A track record in exercising good judgement around build-or-buy decisions for developer tooling (i.e. when to build a custom solution vs buying one off-the-shelf) is helpful, but not required.
  • While we prioritize skill and interest over number of years of experience, successful applicants typically have least 3 years experience as an engineer working with cloud services & platforms. Experience working on SaaS solutions a bonus.

Perks and Benefits

We hope that you're excited by the possibilities that come with working at Buffer! In addition to our unique culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits.

💰 Competitive salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience. For this role, the range is: $101K - $161K USD.

🏝 Work remotely (globally): Live and work anywhere in the world! 

💪 Health insurance: We offer health insurance for all of our team members, international or US.

💻 Home office setup: Get a laptop + $500 to set up your home office.

👓 Growth mindset fund: Extra money for learning and development.

⛺️ Minimum vacation: At least 3 weeks/year, with no upper limit.

🤑 401(k): With 3% company match.

📈 Profit sharing: When the company does well, all team members share the profits. We distribute 8-15% of profits annually to the team.

🍼 Family leave: 3 months of family leave for all parents, and more is possible.

✈️ Retreats: When we can, we meet in person for company get-togethers twice per year. 

☕️ Working smarter stipend: Get some extra cash for a co-working space or a coffee shop work.

📚 Free books and Kindle: Get a free Kindle and all the free books - digital, physical, and audio - you like, anytime.

Sabbaticals: Take a 6-week break, fully paid, after every 5 years with Buffer.

What You Can Expect in the Hiring Process:

Step 1: Getting to know your value (async only). You'll receive an invite to your interview doc so that we can learn more the value you could bring to Buffer.

Step 2: Getting to know your role. You'll chat with Colin, manager of the Infrastructure team, so that he can learn more about your background, experience, and achievements.

Step 3: Brief exercise (async only). In this step of the process, you'll showcase your technical skills and mindset.

Step 4: Getting to know your team. You'll chat with potential teammates about what it's like to be a member of the team, and also discuss some of the technical requirements.

Step 5: Getting to know your impact. You'll speak directly with Katie, the VP of Engineering, to wrap up your applicant journey and further explore your potential impact at Buffer.

Meet Your Hiring Team

Here's Our Tentative Hiring Timeline:

January 12th - January 31st: Apply to join the team, through this page. We'll be getting in touch with candidates as roles come in. No need to check in with us if you don't hear anything back during this time!

February 1st - February 5th: Interviews with the team -- we'll invite candidates to step 1, and follow up with remaining candidates who will not be moving forward!