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Product Engineer

More than 78,000 paying customers depend on Buffer, and we’re grateful to work every day developing intuitive features to make their experience better. We’re looking for product engineers to join our Engineering team. Are you interested in implementing new ideas and building helpful, easy-to-use social media software? We’d love to have you join us!


Buffer is an equal opportunity employer with teammates all around the world. Our team is made up of developers who hail from startups to the theatre - we value diverse and non-traditional backgrounds. 

We're united by Buffer's values, and we celebrate our unique differences. We value creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and are actively working on building a culture where under-indexed groups are truly welcomed and can flourish.

You will collaborate closely with Product, Design, Customer Advocacy and Marketing to spec, build, test and deploy new features. We value and reward respectful, empathetic discussion and collaboration when creating solutions. This position reports to an engineering manager.

What You'll Be Doing 

  • You’ll be supporting our Buffer Reply product, building new product features across the stack and working autonomously to write and scale new services as we transition to micro-services as well as maintain and extend the API.

  • You will work within our product engineering teams, collaborating with product managers, designers, customer advocates, engineering managers and more using tools like GitHub, Zoom, email, Discourse, Slack and Jira.

  •  As you gain context, you’ll provide technical guidance and input on teammates’ work and approaches, depending on your experience and interests.

  • If you’re interested in full-stack engineering and have experience with JS frameworks, you’d be very welcome to work across the stack (although this is certainly not required).

  • As a teammate at Buffer, you will agree to uphold our values and code of conduct.

Helpful Skills and Experience

  • Experience as a backend or full-stack developer in any procedural language, working on backend systems with meaningful production traffic

  • Experience building and debugging complex systems in a micro-services environment

  • Ability to write and maintain tests where needed and appreciation for the importance of working effectively with legacy codebases

  • Experience working with Node.js would be helpful

  • Experience building micro-services with Kubernetes would be helpful, but is not required

What We Value

Clear communication, transparency, open-mindedness, empathy and patience are just a few of Buffer's cultural values. We are looking for a person who understands this culture and will thrive within a team of people passionate about self-improvement, honesty and openness. Here's a guide on how we strive to communicate with customers.

Working at Buffer is collaborative and positive thanks to our core values. We try to be “No Ego Doers” who are aware of our assumptions, and joining us means you'll work together with the team in order to test and confirm our ideas. In our career framework, we choose to focus on the journey, the growth and evolution that is a career.

Perks and Benefits

We hope that you're excited by the possibilities that come with working at Buffer! In addition to our unique culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits.

💻 Technology: Get hooked up with a laptop to do your best work.

🎼 Learning & development stipend: To encourage our teammates to be their best selves, we offer a small stipend for any course or training they'd like to do.

🤒 Health insurance: We offer health insurance for all of our team members, international or US based.

💰 Salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience. For this role, the range is $85k - $114k per year.

🏝 Work remotely: Live and work from wherever you feel happiest.

📈 Stock options: Joining the Buffer journey means you can choose to own part of the company.

⛺️ Unlimited time off: Our only policy is that you give yourself a break regularly.

✈️ Retreats: Join us on annual international company retreats! Our last retreat was in Madrid, Spain.

📚 Free books (and Kindle): All you can read, no questions asked.

🍼 Family Leave: If your family grows during your time at Buffer, we recommend taking 3 months of family leave, regardless of when you joined.

Where You'll Work

Buffer is a fully distributed team, which means that we’re spread across the planet. We have Bufferoos in 15 countries, 11 timezones and 42 cities around the world to build a great culture and product. You'll work where you're happiest and most productive, in the place that helps you to become the person you wish to be.

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